Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Better Idea

200 Fifth Avenue
Hecla Iron Works

would probably have been to look ACROSS the street to the magnificent sidewalk clock near 24th Street. This landmark post clock (referred to by some as a "lollipop" clock, fitting, I suppose since it sits in front of The International Toy Center Building) is the second clock at this site. Obviously, some people were smart enough to check a working timepiece before going to work in the morning.

This 1990 photograph (as all the others in this blog) was taken by Edward E. Stern. From 1988 until the birth of our daughter in 1992, we walked the streets of Manhattan, camera, notebook and Elliot Willensky and Norval White's AIA Guide to New York City in hand. Alas, this was pre-internet, pre-laptop days and some of my research has been lost (can I blame that on my now-teenager?), but the photographs -- 35mm and beautiful -- remain.