Saturday, July 28, 2007

I Didn't Know What Time It Was . . .

935 Broadway
at 22nd Street

In 1979 I had my first "real" job as an editorial assistant at St. Martin's Press in the Flat Iron Building. Every day, I'd take the long subway ride down from my studio apartment on the Upper West Side. Emerging from the station, certain that I was late for work, I'd always check the clock directly behind my office. And every day, the clock read


And every day for a year, I'd check that clock. And yes, every day, for that year (and all the years until Restoration Hardware renovated the building and restored the clock) it remained broken.

But I continued to look. And love that clock.

This blog is dedicated to that, and all other, clocks (broken, abandoned, forgotten) of New York City. And a few that were loved enough to be saved.

A plug for Renovation Hardware, by the way. Thank you for refurbishing my first love.