Sunday, July 29, 2007

Twilight Zone Time

Submitted for your approval: Four funeral parlors, all with broken clocks.

A. Provenza Lanza
43 Second Avenue between 2nd and 3rd Streets

Alexander Blasius & Son, Inc.
207 Avenue A

Maybe more than just the clock has stopped at this establishment.

Lynch Funeral Home
43-07 Queens Boulevard
(Queens!! Don't shoot me!)

The location of this broken clock always struck me as being wonderfully perfect. Adjacent to the entrance of 59th Street Bridge, it seemed to symbolize the moribund state of the county of Queens for me, and I always enjoyed watching it disappear in the rear view mirror as took the bridge into the definitely-not-daying city.

I recently took that route back into Manhattan and noticed, with mixed feelings, the funeral home's relatively new clock-less facade.. Maybe time doesn't stand still in Queens after all.

Hart-Davis Funeral Home Inc.
1879 Amsterdam Avenue

Years after Ed took this picture, I found myself teaching in this neighborhood in Harlem. Clocks aren't the only thing broken up there.