Thursday, August 16, 2007

Time Stands Still

Bowery Bank
Second Avenue at 34th Street

This is an example of how a great photograph can make an ordinary object extraordinary. On the street this looked rather cheap and pedestrian, but in Ed's photograph it became majestic and powerful.

Drop Anchor

Anchor Savings Bank
1700 Broadway

Anchor Savings Bank
90th Street and Broadway

Anchor Savings Bank IS still around, but these two clocks -- as well as 8.903% interest -- aren't.

Cross Out Another Bank

File this under "one good turn deserves another." Crossland Savings swallowed The Greenwich Savings Bank and then was swallowed by Washington Mutual.

Crossland Savings Bank
3 West 57th Street at 5th Avenue

Crossland Savings Bank
6th Avenue at 14th Street