Friday, August 24, 2007

Canvas The Area

and I'll bet you won't find many advertising clocks like one. In fact, you won't find this one there either.

Matera Canvas
5 Lispenard Street (near 6th Avenue)
Broken and eventually removed

And Store This

Before Fairway moved uptown, we'd use this clock as our mileage marker. When returning from visit upstate, spotting this timepiece from the West Side Highway assured us that we were only minutes from our apartment.

Originally Lee Brothers Warehouse
then Manhattan Mini Storage
571 Riverside Drive at 134th Street
Seth Thomas Clock
Circa 1935

Factor This

I have veered a bit from my original intention . . . to showcase lost/forgotten/broken exterior clocks in Manhattan.

Let me return with one of my favorites, wrecked (along with the entire building) in the late 1990's to make way for the Times Square Redevelopment.

(Factors, by the way, are really bankers, asset-based lenders, to use their own terminology. The firm, in case you are in need of money to jump-start your fashion house, is still in business.)

Originally Commercial Trust Building
then Rosenthal and Rosenthal Factors
1451 Broadway at 41st Street

And another

Central Savings Bank
now Apple Savings Bank
2100 Broadway at 73rd Street
York & Sawyer, architects
Samuel Yellin Studo, Ironworks

Look closely. The wings of these griffins have been removed from their bodies and used as the pedestal for this entranceway's clock. The meaning? Time flies, perhaps

Another Variation

Fuller Building
41 East 57th Street
Walker & Gillette, architects
Ellie Nadelman, sculptor

With a nod to the classical form, Elie Nadelman brought sculpture into the "moderne" age. Gone are the characters from Greek and Roman myth, replaced with the "new" American worker set against the futuristic skyline. Not an inappropriate symbol for the headquarters (the first being The Flat Iron Building, of course) of this New York City developer.